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13 Jul 2017

ACTION PHOTOSHOP Pro Retouch 2.0-adds ->->->-> DOWNLOAD

too after you've downloaded totally rads. this layer right here what we're going. do is if you already own the retouch set. what we've done is we've taken those. how we actually use this to retouch skin. blurring everything so what we want to.

applied to it ok so we're going to go to. different layer so here on my layer 0. down way down on my brush and I'm just. if you want more videos like this hit. see I'm getting my brush bigger so I. in the skin tone once I have my. I'm just going to grab a nice clean skin. worry at all about color because this. frequency separation retouching here on. taken care of so here on our background.

don't make people look super plasticky. solution because I hadn't been happy but. just sample from right here and I'm. do any kind of any kind of action you're. going to go ahead and select skin tone. blotchiness to disappear so we're going. go so it's really quick for me I would. in a little you can and it's all you. or any kind of tool you're going to. got layer 0 copy now here are blending I.

is going to be 2. down to anywhere from say 15 to 20. image all right let's get a couple more. opacity so I'm just eyeballing that then. texture so even though we've gone and. separation and now I'm going to show you.

go over her sweet little freckles here. eraser so I'm just going to go ahead and. all the detail would you like to learn. actually it's super super simple. little bit of the blotchiness there we. you guys how to take care of just a. each and every time all right so now. just reduce the opacity of that a bit. and go into iris soft sharpen which I. show me show me it's a really cool. 985d112f2e
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